What Do Farmers Do in the Winter?

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winter farm

Photo by Jeff Adkins

The harvest is over, crops are in, so the winter months are a time for farmers to kick back and relax a little, right? Actually, farmers stay pretty busy in the winter. They may not put in as many long days as during the busy planting, growing and harvest seasons, but there is still plenty to do around a farm in the colder months.

Farmers with livestock, for instance, still care for their animals. Cattle need daily feeding and dairy cows need milking, no matter the weather.

Farmers also use the winter months to attend to business affairs, like taxes, land leases, and meeting with seed and input dealers to plan for spring costs.

Winter is a good time to clean and fix equipment, or to shop for new equipment. It’s also when farm shows are held, and when farmers review new research and make plans to implement new ideas.

When the weather permits, farmers check their fences, clean the fields and clear tree lines.

And, if time permits, a farmer might just take a little vacation.

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