Why You Should Visit the Houston Museum of Decorative Arts in Chattanooga

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Houston Museum of Decorative Arts

Photo credit: Houston Museum of Decorative Arts

One determined woman made it her mission to preserve history, not just through the antiques business she ran during her life, but in the special collection of items she held on to for posterity’s sake. Throughout her travels, Anna Houston (1876-1951) single-handedly amassed an extraordinary assortment of artifacts that illuminate what life was like from the Victorian Era through the Depression Era.

Tiffany glassware, ivory tusks with scrimshawed designs, arrowheads and Native American art, antique music boxes, and Sand Mountain pottery are just some of the treasures Houston collected. She even built a barn specifically to hold them all – a temporary home for items that would one day be relocated to an actual museum, which was the fulfillment of Houston’s vision.

Today, Houston’s art glass collection is on display at the Houston Museum of Decorative Arts in Chattanooga. To learn more about how to tour the collection, visit thehoustonmuseum.org.

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