Teapots of Trenton

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The world’s largest collection of nightlight teapots resides in an unlikely home: the City Hall of Trenton, Tennessee.

Native Trentonite Dr. Frederick Freed collected the rare 18th- and 19th-century porcelain pots during his travels throughout Europe, Asia and North Africa. Nightlight pots were designed to be used in sickrooms and nurseries, with a small tea light inserted to heat liquids and foods.

The prized collection of 525 pots was given to Freed’s hometown in 1976 with the condition that they be available for public viewing at all times. The city has remained true to its word: Visitors arriving during off-hours can gain admittance through the police department, right next door.

Trenton’s weeklong annual Teapot Festival kicks off Sunday, April 28, 2014, with a ceremonial lighting of the pots and concludes with a parade and fireworks on May 4, before winding down on the final day, May 5. For more information, call 731-855-2013, or visit www.teapotcollection.com.


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