Why You Should Visit Creative Women and a Guy in Lexington

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Creative Women and A Guy

Photo courtesy of Creative Women and A Guy

Walking through Maggie Wallace’s shop Creative Women and a Guy can feel a little like a walk in the woods. That’s because the Henderson County Farm Bureau member’s artisan boutique in Lexington is full of leaves. They aren’t from your typical leaf fall though. Blue, red and multicolored, these leaves have been painted and shaped into beautiful decorative bowls. Wallace makes them using all natural materials and processes beginning with the leaves themselves – usually elephant ears, poplar or oak – to which she applies a very thin layer of cement and shaped sand to create a form. She covers the forms and lets them set up naturally, then paints them, keeping the original impressions of the leaves – the veins, textures and imperfections – intact.

Wallace began making the pieces in response to the grief she experienced with the loss of her mother and a younger brother in a short period of time. “The leaf looks like a heart, and it was healing to my heart to see them, so that enabled me to create these from the heart,” she says.

In addition to Wallace’s pieces, the shop sells the work of other artisan women and Wallace’s sons. Handcrafted tables, vintage repurposed items, pottery and antler jewelry are among the other items found at Creative Women and a Guy. Visit the shop at 800 Old Jackson Rd. in Lexington. They are open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., or call (731) 798-9135.

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