Thankful at Day’s End

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It’s the end of a fairly typical day of my life here on the farm. Greenhouse work, cattle milking, gathering eggs, a few errands, a little breakfast, a little lunch and before you know it the day is coming to a close. Day’s end means supper on the table, baths for the boys, pajamas and a little cleanup around the house so no one breaks a limb if they venture out of bed after lights out. My job tonight is the living room, and I can’t help but think there might not be another living room in the whole world with the same contents as my own.

First there is the pair of tiny cowboy boots, hat, holster, gun and rope all lovingly sprawled about by my 3-year-old, who just happens to be the cutest little cowboy this side of the Mississippi. He is not truly a cowboy without all the above, and he is adamantly not a sheriff unless he has his badge on. I didn’t find a badge, so today he must be a cowboy.

House shoes make me think of my oldest son. They’re in the living room because I banned him from wearing boots in the house. (One can take only so much clomp-clomping while trying to prepare the bank deposit.) Under a few blankets lie a pile of books, because early this morning he sleepily walked into the living room, collected his books, blanket and crawled onto the couch to wake up. This is the same routine he has performed each morning since before he could walk, only now he does it without the sippy cup.

Last but not least is the tractor manifold on the floor. I think this is the item that truly sets my living room apart from any other. This of course reminds me of my dear husband, who works hard every single day to provide for this family of ours. This part was ordered for a Farmall Super A before the engine started leaking oil so badly that it was pronounced unworthy of said new manifold. I don’t really know what a manifold does, only that I need to find a box to fit this one so I can send it back to the parts supplier for a refund.

Tonight I happily picked up all of these items and put them where they belong. I can’t say that I always go about this chore with joy in my heart. Everyone knows where things belong (and I don’t mean the kitchen table either!), but they don’t take the time to put them away. However, tonight each and every article I touched was a sweet reminder of the loved ones I touch daily in my life. Indeed, I am living in a precious moment when my boys still give me hugs and want to give me a goodnight kiss. It is a season of our lives when my husband and I share every detail of everyday, right down to the tractor manifold. I can’t say all of our marriage has been this close. So it is with great thanks that I know him well enough right now to know what that tractor part on my living room floor is and why it is there. Yes, indeed I am thankful for all the contents of my living room tonight, and the love that fills my heart as well.

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