Member Benefits: Prescription Drug Discounts

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Prescription Drug Discounts

Do Farm Bureau Members receive a discount on prescription drugs?

Yes, members receive discounts of up to 40 percent off the retail price of more than 20,000 different prescription drugs.

How do I use the discount?

It’s easy! Simply take your membership card to a participating pharmacy. The pharmacist will enter the numbers on the back of the membership card into their system and the discount will be applied.

How do I find a participating pharmacy, check the cost of a prescription or reprint a card?

Almost all chain and independent pharmacies participate in the program. The cost of prescriptions may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Participating pharmacies, costs of drugs or replacement cards can be found at in the Health section of the webpage.

Is this an insurance product?

No, it is a point-of-sale discount.

I don’t have insurance. Will this benefit me?

You’ve likely been paying the full retail price for your prescriptions. It’s almost a guarantee to help.

I’m on Medicare. Will this help me?

If you don’t have prescription drug coverage or a discount, you should consider using this member benefit.

Can I combine this discount with other discounts offered through my insurance plan?

In most cases the pharmacy will not allow the combining of discounts. Keep in mind that many insurance plans don’t discount all drugs.

I like saving money. Where can I learn more about other Farm Bureau Member Benefits?

Go to or call the Member Benefits help line at 1-877-363-9100.

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  1. Della Sammons

    June 2, 2014 at 9:01 am

    Need instant Savings on Perscription Drugs card. Member # 13-02374 under Joe R. Sammons name , my husband. Thanks, Della Sammons

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