To Good Health: Scale-Tipping Results

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Nearly 32 percent of Tennesseans are obese, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. To put it in a different perspective, 1.5 million of 6.5 million (one out of every six) Tennesseans are walking around with a health condition that contributes to high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

If that isn’t concern enough, consider that obesity is becoming increasingly prevalent in our children, and in Tennessee nearly 30 percent of K-12 school children are overweight or obese. But obesity is not only sweeping Tennessee, and children are not the only group suffering from obesity: Recent U.S. government surveys also report that 27.1 percent of adults age 50-64 are obese and 19.8 percent of adults 65 and older are obese.

Beat obesity together. Try starting with a few simple steps like these, and tip the scales in your favor.

  • Set realistic goals. Remember, it is a lifestyle change, not a diet. For starters, simply think about what you can begin doing today (such as healthier substitutions for high-calorie foods for your next meal; a simple activity this evening that will burn some calories; or deciding that tonight, no late-night snacking). Then build on those first steps over time.
  • Make it a family affair. Play a simple game of basketball with your kids, go for a walk with your grandparents or engage in countless other activities that get everyone moving more than usual.
  • Celebrate fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet is tried and true. Go back to the basics. And with the warmer weather of summer, indulge in the delicious produce grown right here in Tennessee.

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