Tornado Safety Tips

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When a tornado hit Rocky Glade Farm in Eagleville, Tennessee, Julie Vaughn and her family had a tornado plan consisting of one word: bathtub. Following the devastating storm, Vaughn now follows storm warnings closely and offers these tornado safety tips:

• Tornado watches and warnings are given for a reason. Don’t ignore them (like I did!).

• Tornados happen in seconds. Decide right now where you would go if a tornado were to take place.

• Remain calm (if possible). Think through what needs to be done afterward. Once you know your family is safe and taken care of, think about the rest of your farm. Does anything need to be unplugged? Are power lines down? Are your fences damaged so badly that your livestock needs to be moved to keep them off roads?

• Remember to be thankful. It could be, and most likely is, worse for someone else somewhere else.

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