Tomato-Growing Tips

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tomato tips

We still have a few months before tomato season, but now is the time for planting – any time after the last frost, typically mid-April through May.

Tomato Baby Co. in Brighton sells dozens of tomato varieties ranging from classics to heirloom through its mail-order website, Naturally its owner, Alainia Hagerty, is an authority on growing tomatoes, and she shared the following gardening tips:

  • Label your plants so you know your likes and dislikes for the next year. You can use hard plastic markers and hang them from the tomato cages. Be sure that the marker you use to label is waterproof.
  • Draw yourself a garden plan or map that will help you plan your area and be a reference guide for future years.
  • Tomato plants should be planted with only a small portion of foliage above the ground. Aim to bury at least one-third to one-half of the plant’s stem in the ground, plucking off any branches in the way.
  • Use tomato cages. They give tomato plants’ limbs a rest and allow the stem to grow straight. A stronger stem will support more and larger fruit.

What to do with all your homegrown tomatoes? Eat them, of course! See some of our favorite recipes featuring fresh ‘maters:

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