Rosemary is a Hardy Herb

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A must-have for your kitchen garden, rosemary is a tender, evergreen perennial with a shrubby habit, sprawling stems and needle-like leaves. A native of the Mediterranean, it needs plenty of sun and good, well-drained soil.

Although it is not cold hardy throughout the country (zones 7-10), everyone can grow rosemary in a container. Keep a pot outside your kitchen door, or plant it – container and all – in the garden. Just lift the pot out of the ground in autumn when temperatures begin to drop, and bring it indoors.

To grow rosemary indoors, place the pot in a sunny window (south facing is ideal) and be careful not to over water it. The roots can easily rot. An occasional misting can help if it gets too dry in your house. Move the plant outdoors when temperatures promise to stay above 20 degrees.

There are several varieties of rosemary to choose from, and I’ve found ‘arp’ and ‘hill hardy’ to be hardier than others. ‘Tuscan blue’ produces an abundance of lavender-blue flowers.
You can harvest rosemary at any time, and the blooms are also edible.

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