To Attract Pollinators, Plant This, Not That

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To reap the benefits, you need to devote 5 to 10 percent of your overall landscape to attracting the insects and birds you want to frequent your yard. This is more than enough to help protect and replenish a garden.

Here are just a few easy-to-grow favorites to start introducing more beneficials to your yard. Of course, this is just a sampling. Do your research to find out what will grow well in your area of the state and what will look best in your garden.

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Butterfly Bush

Photo courtesy of Flickr user John Flannery

Butterfly Bush will, as the name suggests, attract butterflies to your garden. Bees are also fond of the purple flowering shrub. Choose varieties that are sterile to help reduce the possibility of them becoming invasive in your area, or pay close attention to deadheading to prevent the spread of seeds. You can also plant butterfly bush in containers, which can be ideal for small space gardens.

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