Plant Mums This Fall

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To beautify your fall landscape, you can’t go wrong with mums. Short for chrysanthemums, these hardy flowers come in a variety of seasonal colors with blooms that last for weeks.

Mums have great cover, so stick to one or two colors for curb appeal from a distance. They’re perfect for mass plantings too, adding bold color to any landscape. Here are a few things to remember when growing mums:

Choose a location that gets at least six hours of sun per day. Make sure your soil is well-drained, as mums are not a fan of soggy soil. After planting new mums, water them thoroughly, never letting them wilt. After they’ve established roots, they’ll need about an inch of water per week. Avoid overhead watering as it can lead to disease.

After the first hard frost, prepare your mums for winter with mulch. When the weather warms up, pull away mulch to allow new shoots. If you’re looking for varieties that perform well in landscaping, try Clara Curits, Ryan’s Yellow or Sheffield Pink.

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