How to Pick the Best Pumpkins for Carving, Stacking and Decorating

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When your pumpkin planter starts to look a little worse for wear, you can plant it directly in the ground. As the pumpkin begins to break down, it will provide your young plants with extra nutrients that they’ll be sure to enjoy. Photo by Mark Fonville

Any pumpkin can be used for ornamental decor if you like the look of it. Many of the edible “pie pumpkins” have quite unusual coloring and texture making them just as valuable on the front porch as in the kitchen.

I especially like the minis, which come in a variety of colors and can be used grouped together to fill a see-through wire container or glass apothecary jar. Or simply mound a bunch of them together with votive candles.

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The best carving or jack-o-lantern pumpkins are those that have a fairly flat base and skin that is not so thick that it is difficult to carve. These pumpkins typically weigh about 10 pounds and are maybe a foot tall.

The “original” jack-o-lantern pumpkin is the Connecticut Field pumpkins which were grown by Native American Indians. Their texture is more smooth and less ridged, making them easier to carve. Another popular carving variety is the Howden pumpkin, which has all the good attributes of the Connecticut Field pumpkins, but last longer once carved.

A few of my favorite ornamental pumpkins include:

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cinderella pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Liz West


Cinderella and Fairytale pumpkins

These beautiful varieties look like a classic pumpkin that has been half-way squashed, resulting in a more horizontal appearance. Cinderella is a striking bright orange, and Fairytale has a tan coloring. Both are charming and classic.

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