DIY: Yarn Wreath

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DIY yarn wreath

Decorate your door for the season with a yarn-wrapped wreath. You’ll need a bundle of yarn, scissors, a glue gun, a foam wreath form and felt for decorative flowers. Here’s how to make the wreath:

  1. Start by gluing a bit of yarn onto the wreath form where the wreath connects.
  2. Begin wrapping your yarn around the wreath. Once you’ve wrapped four or five times, pull it tight. Keep wrapping until your wreath is completely covered. Be warned, this may take a while.
  3. When you get to the end, trim your yarn, and hot-glue the last piece to the wreath.
  4. To make felt flowers, cut out a 3-inch circle of felt. Next, cut it into a spiral. Starting at the end, roll up the felt, keeping the bottom edge even. When you get to the end, stick a pin through the side, hot glue the end to the bottom of the flower, or “sew” it by pulling a needle and thread through and tying it off. Attach to your wreath with hot glue.

Sources: Thirty Handmade Days, Million Moments

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