DIY: Cereal Box Magazine Holder

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DIY Magazine Holder

Next time you find yourself polishing off the end of your Cheerios, hold on to that box! It’s perfect for recycling into a stylish magazine holder for all your copies of Tennessee Home & Farm.

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To make one, you will need a utility knife, cereal box, double-sided tape, and contact or wrapping paper (or whatever you want to use as a design).

  1. Cut the cereal box with a utility knife at desired angle and height. We suggest 6 inches down and 5 inches from a top corner. You’ll want your box to be a little bigger than 8.5-by-11-inches so the magazines will fit nicely.
  2. Wrap the contact or wrapping paper around the box to measure how much you will need. Cut and secure paper with double-sided tape. Trim the excess, and fill with your favorite magazines.

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