Berries for the Birds

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Looking for an easy way to feed your neighborhood birds during the wintertime without constantly replenishing your seed supply? Keep your feathered friends coming back by “birdscaping,” or planting berry-producing shrubs, vines and trees that are known for drawing birds.

Consider planting holly, which can grow as a shrub or a tree and produces berries that attract bluebirds, woodpeckers, catbirds and mockingbirds. Juniper is another option. Although their berries aren’t tasty enough to appeal to wildlife during times of plenty, birds like bobwhites, warblers and waxwings often flock to these plants during the winter season.

Additional berry-producing plants that draw birds during cold months include crabapples, flowering dogwoods, white oaks, eastern red cedars, spruces, Virginia creepers, northern bayberries, nannyberries and viburnums.

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