The Kind of Recipe You Keep

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The very best recipe cards in the world are the ones with splatters of batter, coffee cup rings and frayed edges.

Those are the family legacies passed down from generation to generation, treasured because a beloved relative must have handled them many times through the years.

Linda Pyle of Jamestown, Tennessee, has such a recipe for Black Walnut Cream Cake. She came across the handwritten piece of paper while separating her late grandmother’s things. Neither Pyle nor her mother could remember having had that cake, so the family assumed it came from her great-great-grandmother.

“I could read the recipe, but it was really dingy,” Pyle says. “It has circles on it like it had something sitting on it. One of the women in the family must have made it a lot.”

Chances are, people are still making the cake, since it was selected for Country Classics II, published by the Tennessee Farm Bureau Women and now in its second printing.

Black walnuts are a favorite of Pyle’s, and she’s glad to now have a family recipe that incorporates them.

“The first time I thought it could be better,” she says of her experiment with the recipe.

“I made it the second time, and it was really good. Everybody else liked it too.”

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Each issue of Tennessee Home & Farm highlights a selected recipe from Country Classics Volume II. Copies of the cookbook are available for $17 each, plus shipping and handling, from county Farm Bureau offices, or by calling the Tennessee Farm Bureau home office at 931-388-7872, ext. 2217.

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