4 Desserts (and 1 Entree) Made From Tennessee Drinks

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We Southerners love our classic drinks – from sweet tea, lemonade, RC Cola and root beer to plenty more that won’t fit in one story. Hey, it’s hot here in the summer. We need to hydrate. What if we take things up a notch? How about incorporating our favorite Tennessee beverages (not those kinds of beverages) into recipes that put a new spin on some of our old favorites? Why not freeze, flavor and bake with them?

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Root Beer Float Cake

Root beer tastes so good. Though the largest sassafras tree is said to reside in our neighbor state of Kentucky, we are still big fans. I found plenty of ideas for floats but was intrigued to test ideas for a Root Beer Float Cake. Chocolate seemed like such a nice companion for root beer that the cake recipe came to life. I had a tried-and-true chocolate cake recipe that called for 2 cups of water. Why not substitute root beer? I reduced the cocoa powder to allow the root beer flavor to dominate. The result is delicious.

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