Apples are Star Player in Winning Tailgating Recipes

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Apples at Mountain View Orchard in TN

Game Plan: Create a tasty – and healthy – tailgating menu.

Defensive Strategy: Keep great taste without sacrificing flavor. Nothing should be so low calorie or low fat that it ends up low flavor. Tackle tasteless foods before they end up in the field of play.

Offensive Strategy: Add more nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to dishes. Use whole grains, lean meats and boneless, skinless poultry where feasible. Focus on flavor.

Formation: Front and center with plenty of in-season apples in every dish. Apples add fiber, especially the cholesterol-lowering soluble type, as well as lots of disease-fighting antioxidants. One in particular, quercetin, is being studied extensively and may help reduce risk of some cancers and possibly even Alzheimer’s disease.

Touchdown: Traditional tailgating-favorites such as baked beans, salad and pizza filled with great taste and good health!

Game Winner: 100 percent success with Maple Apple Baked Beans, Apple Salad With Dried Cherries and Toasted Pecans and BBQ Chicken Pizza with Caramelized Onions and Apples.

Extra Points: Score extra points with your family by intercepting boring weeknight meals with these flavor- and nutrient-rich dishes.

Read on to learn smart selection and storage tips and nutritional benefits of these recipes. Click the link to view the recipe.

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Maple Apple Baked Beans Recipe

Maple Apple Baked Beans
• Vidalia onions are the most widely available sweet onion. Other sweet varieties include Maui, Walla Walla, Oso Sweet and Rio Sweet.
• Store fresh whole onions in a cool, dark, dry place and use within four weeks. No need to refrigerate until they’re cut. Use cut onions within three days.
• Apples absorb refrigerator odors easily, so store them in a plastic bag away from foods with strong odors.
• Choose Granny Smith, the most tart apple variety, to balance the sweet ingredients in this baked bean dish.
• Ground ancho chile pepper can be found next to all the other herbs and spices in the baking aisle.
• Apple and great northern beans both provide soluble fiber, the type that helps lower cholesterol and enhance heart health.
• Drain and rinse canned great northern beans to slash up to 40% of the salt/sodium.
• Use lots of onions in baked beans – they provide natural nutrients to fight heart disease, cancer and help keep your bones healthy.

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