Merry Morning Christmas Breakfast Recipes

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Sometimes, Christmas morning breakfast is an afterthought. December is so busy that we tend to forget we’ll need something yummy to get us through that final stretch. Many of us either have a houseful of guests or plan on going to someone else’s houseful of guests. Make-ahead dishes rule the day.

One of the best Tennessee hostesses I know, Maribeth Geracioti of Nashville, prepares a Christmas brunch for about 20 people. Her advice: “Offer a few great items in abundance. It makes a bigger splash and is easier on the hostess than a variety of smaller dishes.” When a guest asks what to bring, be ready with a specific answer. Always accept their offers!

The following recipes are designed to celebrate a Tennessee Christmas with around-the-world flavors. They are crowd-pleasing comfort foods with holiday flair.

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Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is meant to be rich, creamy and made with real milk, not powder. While some of the powdered mixes can have a nice flavor, they are best left for camping trips. Fresh milk and high-quality chocolate, topped with real whipped cream – now that’s hot chocolate. Williamson County’s own Hatcher Family Dairy has the most delicious whipping cream I’ve found.

Splurge on an offering from a local dairy for an extra touch. The richness of the chocolate, fresh cream and minty flavorings allows you to keep the servings small for this Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe.

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  1. Joyce Wheaton

    December 8, 2014 at 12:34 am

    Peppermint Hot chocolate sounds so awesome!

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