Fall Flavor Kickoff Recipes

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Why does the autumn harvest smell so inviting? Walking through a farmers market in October offers such a specific olfactory delight that we would recognize it blindfolded. It’s as if the ground, in its final gasp of productivity, wants to tempt us with sweet memories to last until spring.

The visual temptations come in gorgeous orange pumpkin orbs, acorn-shaped squash, late bright red tomatoes, long-necked golden gourds and peach-hued butternut squash. Their taste is as enticing as the scents.

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Does it make you want to cook? Cooler temperatures certainly enhance our appetites. I am convinced that food actually tastes better in the fall.

Whether you’re tailgating, sitting with friends at a farm table or balancing a plate on your knees around a bonfire, Tennessee has got it all in the fall.

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Late Harvest Tomato Sauce

Use the last of summer tomatoes – available well into September and often October – for Late Harvest Tomato Sauce. Of course, you can make this sauce in the summertime, but extremely ripe tomatoes too juicy for a sandwich or salad work perfectly when cooked down, sauteed with garlic, onion and basil, and served with your favorite pasta. Nutritent-rich tomatoes provide vitamins A, C and K, and cooked tomatoes contain even more lycopene than uncooked version.

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