5 Citrus Recipes to Brighten Up Winter

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Citrus fruits are in season in the winter. We’ve all heard the old-fashioned stories about children receiving a fresh orange in their Christmas stockings. Imagine being up in the snowy mountains, or out on the prairie, and having a piece of the tropics in your hand. The smell alone would conjure thoughts of far-off places and fill the senses with wonder.

Most of our lemons hail from California. I once had the privilege of visiting a Sunkist lemon grove in Ojai, right at peak season in January. It was impressive to learn that each lemon is picked by hand. They ripen at different rates, and are carefully plucked when the green fades into golden yellow.

Remember that orange in your Christmas stocking? Ninety percent of our orange juice comes from Florida oranges. When you think about how many of us always have OJ in the house, that’s a lot of oranges.

Most of our grapefruit comes from Florida and Texas. It is said that the grapefruit got its name from a Jamaican farmer in the early 1900s who noted the way the fruit grows in clusters, like grapes.

All of these sweet-tart, round fruits fill our grocer’s shelves and roll toward us in a bright torrent of unlimited potential and universal adulation. And I didn’t even mention tangelos, honeybells, Meyer lemons or Key limes!

Because citrus groves are bursting with fruit at holiday time, we are often given boxes filled with fresh citrus as a gift. My in-laws have sent fresh grapefruit to us for years. My husband and daughter shared one at breakfast so often that I gifted them with grapefruit spoons in their stockings one year.

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Broiled Maple Crunch Grapefruit

For a wintry twist, try Broiled Maple Crunch Grapefruit. Pairing these two old breakfast friends seemed like a natural thing to do. We can take things up another notch and put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top for an unusual winter dessert.

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