4 Recipes Made on the Grill

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Fall used to signal that it was time to put the cover on the grill and wait until spring to fire it back up. Now, it marks the beginning of harvest grilling. We sure don’t retreat indoors in the fall in Tennessee. In fact, it’s a bit of a rebirth after a long, hot summer when we can finally enjoy a nice stretch of outdoor activity. Grilling integrates naturally into our many fall celebrations.

Like many, my family is becoming more geographically scattered and busy. We have to seize our fall moments together as if they are Thanksgiving, football season, birthdays and Halloween all in one. I just refurbished my fire pit so we can enjoy the crackle of smoky flames as they waft into the crisp night sky. We will sit with plates balanced on our knees and enjoy the feast of the moment, with the glow of embers setting the tone.

There are so many grill masters and grill types – charcoal or propane, fire pit or campfire, and the list goes on. Because we want to leave your options open, this story does not set a preference – so cook times aren’t precise. Regardless of your chosen method, it is really fun to cook over an open flame. If you have a safe fire pit and are astute in monitoring embers, all you need is a grate to place over them. It’s primal!

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Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potatoes

We are so bacon and sweet potato crazy in Tennessee. It seemed fitting to find a way to pair them on the grill with this recipe for Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potatoes. The sesame baste hits just the right note to balance the salty, savory, sweet and smoky flavors.

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