Nashville Chow-Chow is a Flavor to Relish

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Winfrey Foods Chow Chow

Have you tried Winfrey Foods Royal Relish Original Chow Chow? The Nashville-based company’s signature condiment traces its origins to a family recipe dating back to the 1930s perfected by the family matriarch, Miss Judy.

Miss Judy would spend hours carefully hand-grinding fresh, late-summer vegetables and mixing in her secret blend of spices. The chow chow became so popular that it often is requested more than dessert at family functions. Today, the Winfreys sell their Royal Relish in Publix supermarkets across the state and even at Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans.

Three of Miss Judy’s children now run the family business, which still uses her secret recipe to make each delectable jar of chow chow. For more information about the company or to purchase your own jar of Royal Relish, visit

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