All About the Pasta

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Photo credit: The Pasta Shoppe

After falling in love with pasta on their Italian honeymoon in 1992, Carey and John Arron were inspired to create their own. The husband-and-wife team perfected their technique, following in the footsteps of Italian pasta makers, and today they operate The Pasta Shoppe, a small-batch pasta manufacturing company that’s based in Nashville.

The Pasta Shoppe uses Italian pasta-making machines to create its varieties, including vegan and organic pastas, as well as “Fun Pastas,” available in more than 250 different shapes and themes.

In addition to pasta, The Pasta Shoppe makes an all-natural red pasta sauce called “Pastably the BEST sauce EVER!” as well as gift sets and sampler boxes that offer an affordable taste of the company’s gourmet goodies.

Learn more about The Pasta Shoppe, purchase products and find must-try recipes at

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