Tiger the Mule Teaches Children About Kindness and Compassion

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Photo credit: The Hilliard Institute for Educational Wellness

Tiger the Mule, a new illustrated children’s book by Hickman County resident J. Allan Smith, is capturing the hearts of children and adults alike. Based on a true story, Tiger, a beautiful mule with stripes on his legs, is born in the rolling green hills of Tennessee. He is separated from his mother after just six months and sold to a cruel owner. After two years of abusive treatment, Tiger becomes scared, distrustful and defiant. He is then sold to the kind Mr. Smith, who patiently teaches Tiger to overcome his past wounds through kindness, compassion and love.

Photo credit: The Hilliard Institute for Educational Wellness

Inspired by Smith’s experiences as an educator in the public school system, service as a minister and work with rescued mules on his family farm, the story of Tiger reminds readers that love has the power to heal both people and animals.

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Tiger the Mule is available for purchase on Amazon. To learn more about the author, visit facebook.com/JAllanSmithAuthor.

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