Raising the Steaks at KLD Farms

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Raising the Steaks at KLD Farms

In the beautiful community of Petway, you can find more than small-town charm. If you’re in the market for local beef, then this rural Cheatham County town is the perfect place. At KLD Farm, Kenneth Drinnon and his family raise cattle and sell their farm-fresh meat directly to the public through farmers markets and other ordering outlets.

Drinnon, who grew up on a farm, has been in operation for almost two decades, but he continues to seek every educational opportunity to better the business that he loves. By reaching out to his local University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension agent, attending workshops and completing the Master Beef Producer program, Drinnon knows he’s learned to develop a delicious product.

A native of East Tennessee, Drinnon joined the Navy and later served as a firefighter in California. He had dreamed of retiring and returning home to Tennessee, which he did more than 18 years ago.

Despite his experience, some moments never get old. “I still really enjoy watching a newborn calf bouncing around,” he says.

Raising a healthy herd of cattle and developing great-tasting meats isn’t his only job. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Drinnon also finds satisfaction in selling directly to the public. “I enjoy the interaction and conversations I get to have with all the nice people at the markets and elsewhere,” he says, adding that one of his favorite parts of selling a farm-fresh product is being able to share it with others who appreciate the quality.

KLD Farm offers a variety of all-natural meats, with many options of steaks, roasts, hamburger or even a custom-made package. Drinnon sells his products seasonally at the Clarksville Downtown Market and at the Nashville Farmers Market. He also takes orders, which can be picked up on the farm by appointment. Several Nashville area restaurants also have KLD Farm meat on their menu. Visit www.kldfarmtennbeef.com or call (615) 952-9454 to find out how to order their Tennessee fresh beef.

Thinking of giving something different for the holidays this year? Your family or friends would love to receive some farm-fresh food, so visit www.tnfarmfresh.com to find local farmers near you.

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