Meet Warren County Farmer Bobby Love

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Photo credit: Jeff Adkins

Third-generation farmer Bobby Love looks forward to the future of his family’s farm.

What is the history of your farm, and how did you get involved?

My father grew up in DeKalb County, where they farmed with horses and mules. When he married my mother, they continued farming there until the late 1940s, when construction of Center Hill Dam flooded the area, and they moved to Warren County on the farm we have today. Growing up on the farm meant a lot of kids playing ball while I was here working on the farm. I’m so grateful I learned how to work hard though. When I graduated college, I came back home because I felt like I was needed here on the farm. I don’t regret it one bit.

About the Farmer

Farm Family: Bobby farms with his wife, Tammy, and children, Wilson and Shelby

Crops & Livestock: Cattle and nursery

Farm Legacy: Third generation

Farm Location: McMinnville in Warren County

Farm Bureau Membership: 40 years

How has the farm grown over the years?

We used to have around 1,500 hogs, but with the market changing over the years, we decided to move away from the industry. In 1979, I started growing nursery products. Because of the area we live in, I became interested and thought it’d be a good idea to start incorporating different nursery products into the farm. The industry ebbs and flows with the economy. When the economy is good, people need trees, and when the economy is bad, people don’t. Overall, though, we’ve been satisfied with our product. We also have about 100 head of cattle.

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What does it mean to you to be a farmer?

It means a lot. My family invests, and we work hard. I have the satisfaction of owning my own business, but it also comes with lots of disappointments like weather and changing markets. Some of my trees have been all over the country, and that makes me proud. It’s also meant we’ve had a great opportunity to raise our children on the farm. They have been able to see where their food comes from and also have been a large part of the operation, one that has gone on for several years now. It’s been good for them to see what hard work looks like too.

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Where do you hope to see the farm go in the future?

I hope the farm not only continues, but also continues to grow. This farm has been in our family’s name since 1932, and I would love to live to see it become a century farm. I also think my son has some newer ideas on how to keep it moving forward and that excites me.

Are you Farm Bureau proud?

Very much so. I am a third-generation Farm Bureau member, and my son is the fourth generation. Farm Bureau has meant so much to so many for so long. Rural Tennessee owes a big thank you to Farm Bureau for a lot of reasons, and I’m honored to be a member.

–Amy Beckham

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