Meet Middle Tennessee Farmer Faye Coble

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Faye Coble

Photo by Jeffrey S. Otto

The Dirt on the Farm

Farm family: Phillip (husband), her sons (Justin and Jeff) and grandchildren
Crops & Livestock: beef cattle, hay and timber
Generation: 4th generation
Farm location: Yukon in South Central Tennessee
Farm Bureau membership: Since her marriage 49 years ago. Phillip is a lifetime member.

Q: What is a favorite memory you have on the farm?
A: Any time when all of us are together. We work cattle together as a family. Everything is a family affair on our farm. Even our grandkids have been helping since they were in booster seats. When my son Justin was 7, we were putting up some hay for our cattle – I was driving, Phillip was throwing bales up and Justin was stacking. Our other son, Jeff, came up to help and Justin told his brother, “You go on back to your truck, this is my load.” Memories like that just make me smile.

Now I love just driving and checking on the cows with Phillip and appreciating what all we have, seeing what comes from it and what God provided for us.

Q: How does being a woman involved in agriculture shape your story?
A: I started out 49 years ago on the farm doing things like being the “gopher,” running out for parts, etc., and women didn’t do that back then. Women were overlooked and I had to have a big mouth and just speak up. But the difference I have seen in those years, how husbands and wives work together on the farm, has certainly been a good change. We have raised our children together on the farm, and what a great way to raise a family. So we are trying to raise our grandchildren the same way.

Q: Are you Farm Bureau proud?
A: Yes I am. I have been on the state Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee since December 2007 and a Farm Bureau member since I got married. My Farm Bureau work is my passion – I love it. I love the people, the interaction with those who do the same thing I do and the work we do is very important. We promote agriculture and let people know that we are out there to help them, and not behind closed doors – this is what we do every day.

I can look across the state and see so many things Farm Bureau has accomplished – through the legislature for farms and rural people, through farm days educating our young people about agriculture, through keeping farmers up-to-date on information and technology changes in our industry. I looked at those children’s faces at our Farm Day this year and they were totally amazed at what they were hearing and seeing.

Farm Bureau is like a big family. If you have a problem, they pray with you and for you. I am so glad it is a faith-based organization. I have learned things and done things I would never have been able to do if we hadn’t been a part of this organization. The people we have met and friends we have made through the years across the state and country is just amazing.

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