Meet East Tennessee Farmer Gloria Larrance

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Meet Farmer Gloria Lorrance

The Dirt on the Farm

Farm Family: Husband and three sons
Crops & Livestock: Beef cattle and hay
Farm Location: Rocky Valley (New Market)
Farm Legacy: Third generation on her current farm, but she’s the fifth generation in her family to farm
Farm Bureau Membership: She’s been involved for her whole life.

Why is agriculture important to you?

I was raised on a dairy and tobacco farm, and even though we don’t have the land my family farmed on, I want to keep the tradition of farming going for my boys. Even though farming is a part-time thing for both me and my husband, it is where our passion is. Raising cattle, hay and our boys on the farm is something we feel very strongly about. We also were able to buy Nick’s grandfather’s farm – I like that we can pass that on.

Being a woman in agriculture is still somewhat of a rarity. How does that help you tell agriculture’s story?

I am a CPA, which gives me a whole new set of people to work with who have no background in agriculture. This lets me tell my story to people who otherwise wouldn’t hear or know anything about farming. We also try to help out at school events, and every time we go anywhere, we try to bring Agriculture in the Classroom materials with us. We love to talk about what we do, and it all comes back to being a part of the ag community and Farm Bureau – any conversation always ends up circling back to what we do.

What is a favorite memory you have from your farm?

Growing up, it was being in the milk barn with my family. We ate supper out there – that was our family time. We also graded tobacco in the garage, which was a big deal for my family. Spending time with the family is what I enjoy most now on the farm as well – there is a never a dull moment with my boys. Watching them ride or “drive” the tractor with their daddy in the hay field. Even as small as they are, it is such a thrill watching them grow up on the farm.

What are your biggest challenges and blessings on the farm?

Being part-time, our biggest challenge is making sure everything gets done. But the blessings outweigh the challenges by far – being able to get out and do things as a family like feeding the cows, walking through the hayfield and wide-open places to just be a family together.

Are you Farm Bureau Proud?

Of course – I have been at Farm Bureau meetings since I was born and have been on our board since I was 18. Farm Bureau is unique because even though you are just one person, you can still have a voice. Your voice can still make a difference and impact policy because of how they are set up as a grassroots organization. It makes me proud to be a part of it. I am also very honored to be on the state Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee and represent District VI. Being able to spread the word of agriculture to a wider audience is something that means a lot to me and the other women I serve with.

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