How to Grow Your Own Gourmet Mushrooms

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Photo by Michael Tedesco

Got a stump or a pile of wood chips that needs getting rid of? Forget the grinder. Get a mushroom inoculation instead.

Henosis of Whites Creek near Nashville offers the chance to upcycle trees, logs, stumps and wood waste into gourmet mushrooms. They have what you need to plug limbs and stumps with oyster, shiitake, reishi and other edible mushroom spawn.

Both Henosis and East Tennessee’s 2 Angels Mushroom Farm in Harrison also sell pre-inoculated mushroom logs and mushroom kits, which make unique gifts as well. Each business also gives workshops on how to grow mushrooms, helping to build an ever-expanding network of mycologists and mycelium across the state.

To learn more, visit Henosis online at, and 2 Angels Mushroom Farm at

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