Farm Facts: Beef

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Beef up your knowledge with these facts on the cattle industry, the largest segment of American agriculture.

• There are more than 800,000 ranchers and cattle producers in the United States.

• Every day, 76 million Americans eat beef.

• Beef is one of the most important dietary sources of iron. To obtain the same amount of iron found in a 3 ounce serving of beef, you’d have to eat at least 3 cups of raw spinach.

• More than 97 percent of beef cattle farms and ranches are classified as family farms.

• More Tennesseans are involved in beef production than any other agricultural enterprise. There are 79,000 farms in Tennessee and beef cattle are found on 42,000 (53.0 percent) of these.

• More beef is consumed on Memorial Day than any other day of the year. The Fourth of July and Labor Day typically tie for the second most popular beef-eating days.

• “Beef” is meat from full-grown cattle about 2 years old.

• A live steer weighs about 1,000 pounds and yields about 450 pounds of edible meat.

• Tennessee is one of the top beef-producing states in the nation. Tennessee ranks 9th in the nation in beef cow numbers and 15th in total cattle.

• Sale of cattle and calves is the number one source of agricultural income in Tennessee.


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