Local Cheese Gets Better With Age at Sequatchie Cove Farm

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Located 35 minutes northwest of downtown Chattanooga, Sequatchie Cove Creamery makes farm-fresh cheeses for every cheese lover.

Eat Local Cheese With Sequatchie Cove Creamery

Owner Nathan Arnold makes their aged cheeses, while his wife, Padgett, designs the labels and adds an artistic touch, such as the fern imprint on their Dancing Fern variety. The couple uses local milk from Sequatchie Cove Farm, which is owned by Bill and Miriam Keener, to make their seven varieties of handcrafted, raw milk cheese. Best sellers include the soft Dancing Fern variety, Cumberland and Shakerag Blue.

“Cumberland is a semi-firm, very versatile cheese that kids love. It was our first original cheese we made and sold,” Padgett Arnold says. “Our Shakerag Blue is a more recent variety that got really popular, really fast and has won a few awards. To make it, we soak fig leaves in Chattanooga whiskey and wrap wheels of blue cheese with the whiskey-soaked fig leaves. It’s very aromatic with a unique flavor profile – sweet and tropical but still very much a blue cheese.”

Arnold’s personal favorite is the Nickajack variety, an unusual, lesser-known cheese.

“Nickajack is a washed rind style cheese. We use hard apple cider to wash the cheese, so it’s very fruity, aromatic and creamy, but also savory,” she says. “You can melt it on a pizza or burger, eat it with crackers, and even use it in mac and cheese.”

Tennessee Cheese Nominated for World Cheese Award

Sequatchie Cove Creamery is among the 15 cheesemakers around the globe nominated for the 30th anniversary edition of the World Cheese Awards, which honors those who have made their mark on the world of cheese today and are shaping the next chapter of cheese.

“Nathan and Padgett Arnold produce amazing unpasteurized cheese and are committed to bringing back a focus on the products uniquely representing the land of the Appalachian mountains,” says Cathy Strange, who serves as global executive coordinator for Whole Foods Market and nominated the Arnolds for the award. “Partnering with herd owners and supporting land management and renewable energy initiatives, they have great passion, vision and dreams for an agricultural model that will work in this environment.”

This year’s World Cheese Awards will take place on November 17, 2017, in London.

Where to Find Sequatchie Cove Cheese

You can buy Sequatchie Cove cheese at the Main Street Farmers Market in Chattanooga and at select Whole Foods and Kroger stores seasonally. To find out more, visit sequatchiecovecheese.com or call (423) 619-5867.

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