10 Steps To Set Up a Land Trust Conservation Easement

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Do you want to ensure your farmland will be protected for years to come? With the Land Trust for Tennessee, you can guarantee your property will remain undeveloped.

1. Tour the property with a Land Trust representative to discuss conservation goals.

2. Review your property and conservation goals with the Land Trust.

3. Consult with legal and tax advisers.

4. Provide title information, including any liens or mortgages. The Land Trust documents the property with photographs and surveys.

5. If a mortgage exists, the lender must accept the easement.

6. Restrictions on the land are negotiated and the easement drafted.

7. Schedule a qualified appraisal.

8. The Land Trust board of directors accepts the easement.

9. The easement is signed and recorded at the county courthouse with the title to the land.

10. The Land Trust monitors the conservation easement forever.

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